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Sunday, October 28, 2012

GD topics in Service Selection Board - Common Topics based on National Issues.

GD topics in Service Selection Board - Common Topics based on National Issues.

  1. Naxallism.
  2. Nuclear reactors in our nation
  3. Is it good to quit nuclear reactors in our country like germany.
  4. Alternative source of energy other than nuclear reactors.
  5. Nuclear agreement with U.S.
  6. Nuclear agreement with Russia.
  7. Does Nuclear head of pakistan a threat to the nation
  8. World Peace.
  9. Pros and Cons of Science.
  10. Increase in technology increaes life span of man's life
  11. Compulsory Army training.
  12. 33% reservation for Women.
  13. Youth in politics
  14. Unempoyment in bharat
  15. Alternative source of fuel.
  16. Role of press in bharat
  17. Permanent seat in UNO for our nation
  18. Permanent seat in G8 for our country
  19. Bharat the super power by Defense or Agriculture.
  20. Bharat in Space Research
  21. Success rate of wind power and solar energy for power.
  22. Compuer and its pros and cons.
  23. Internet and its pros and cons.
  24. T-20 cricket changes the cricket style.
  25. Which is best Test match of T-20
  26. Important of Sex Education.
  27. Common syllabus for School in our nation
  28. Common Entrance test
  29. Ragging in college good or bad.
  30. Wearing helmet at road.
  31. Should we improve its defense technology or not.
  32. Who saves nation more Police or Army.
  33. BPO jobs in our country.
  34. Love marriage or Arranged marriage.
  35. Co-Education in nation.
  36. Number one state in bharat- The Gujarat.
  37. Removing of Alcoholism is a revenue loss for our country.
  38. Government bars in states of our nationis good or bad.
  39. Population of the country.
  40. Child growth is influenced by Friends, Teachers and Parents ?
  41. Joining of Rivers in our nation.
  42. Construction of check dams to save river water is successful?
  43. Inflation Rate of economy in bharat .
  44. Quota system in our nation
  45. Kashmir issue and LOC.
  46. Terrorism.
  47. Role of Communication in our country.
  48. Sports in bharat.
  49. Hocky the national game.
  50. Domination of cricket over hockey.

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